Even though you don’t need a specific date for that, it seems like Valentine’s Day always puts us  even more in the mood! However, we have to figure out ways to make it happen despite our current situation and find alternatives.

Good news, dear readers! For the occasion, our online staff put on their cupid costumes to make sure you received every pleasure, sensation and vibe you wish for and more! To help you make a choice, we put together a little list of products that might interest you:

1. Mystery box 

Opening a box filled with mystery is always exciting, right? This one is even more special, because it will help you and your pleasure partner make this V Day the hottest V Day of all (even during the pandemic)!

Understandably,  we can’t tell you what’s in the box, but we know it won’t let you down! It is available right now online and in stores starting February 8th.

Price : $129.99 instead of $189.99 !

2. Remote pleasure

What do you think about controlling your partner’s pleasure from a distance? Let us introduce you to Luna by Adore U. This stimulator has many features that you will want to explore this upcoming Valentine’s Day, trust us!

Not only can it be used as a regular vibrator, but it can be inserted in a panty as well and remote controlled from a distance of up to 25 feet. HELL YES! Its ribbed texture, ergonomic shape and powerful motor make this one a powerful pleasure ally.

Price : $79.95

3.  You can never overestimate your underwear!

We can’t repeat that enough, lingerie is ALWAYS a winner! First and foremost, do it for yourself! The adoration of your partner (if you have one) when you wear it will only be a bonus.

Price : 59.95$


After all, Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. You are allowed to treat yourself, admire yourself in a gorgeous lingerie and remind yourself that you are beautiful! Doing so becomes increasingly more important as the pandemic wardrobe usually consists of sweatpants and old oversized shirts!

*We did not forget you, gentlemen! Visit our men’s section. There are numerous sexy and comfortable models waiting for you!

4. The must-haves

There are classic that just work and can’t seem to be dethroned. C’est la vie!

Here are but of few of those items that made their mark and deserve a look.

Massage candles :

Price: 28.99$

The pandemic has affected us physically as well. Our bodies feel the stress we are under at a more elevated rate during the past year and is yearning for a little rest. The solution? How about a candle that turns into a massage oil when melted. WHAT?

These oils hydrate as well as release the muscular tension to give way to some sweet relaxation. Use it as foreplay, to treat your better half or after a hot bath, your call!

Naughty games :
There are so many games we could show you, but we decided to focus on one: Hidden Pleasures! Remember those memory matching cards? Introduce a sexy twist where you get favors from your partner for each card threesomes collected and you get quite an interesting evening!

Price: $12.99

Balms and creams:

You want your partner to absolutely lose their mind? Here’s a tip: choose and erogenous zone you want to explore and find the cream or balm that will stimulate it the way you choose. Each has it’s own properties, it’s up to you to decide which one will achieve the goal you set!

5. I vibe, you vibe, we all vibe!

What kind of a list would that be without vibrators, right? This Valentine’s Day, be bold and experiment with a brand new type of product that will shake your entire body to the core (as well as your partner’s).

For couples, we are offering you vibrating cock rings. They stimulate both the wearer and the partner for double the effect!

Screaming O Charged - The Big O

Price: $29.99

For singles, it’s time to gift yourself something to keep you warm to Valentine’s Day.

Price: $79.00 instead of $89.95!

Ladies, if you want long-lasting power and dual stimulation, Selena will charm the most difficult of us!

Masturbateur - Pulse III Duo

Price: $199.99

Gentlemen, why not try a masturbator or get yourself a new one if you are already used to the concept? Some are used manually while others are powered by motors that do the work for you.

Cloud nine is not too far!

When last advice for you dear readers: Click here and explore our Valentine’s Day section to find plenty of ideas! Have a great Valentine’s Day!