For a Memorable Saint-Jean: Choose Quebec Erotic Accessories

This Saint-Jean-Baptiste National Holiday, let’s celebrate our Quebec pride by choosing Quebec erotic accessories.

Although the vast majority of sex toys are produced outside Quebec, there are exceptions. It is possible to buy Quebec erotic accessories designed, produced, distributed, or sold by local businesses. The national holiday is the perfect opportunity to support our local economy and value entrepreneurs who offer local options for your erotic toys.


Why Buy Local for Your Intimate Pleasures?

Doing Your Part to Support Quebec’s Economy

By purchasing Quebec erotic accessories, you directly support the local economy and the economic development of Quebec. Local businesses pay their fair share of taxes and create quality, stable, and secure jobs. 

They help weave lively, diverse, and vibrant local communities without which our cities, towns, and neighborhoods would not be the same. Favoring local purchases maintains a social fabric and an economic life built on resilience in the face of an increasingly dominant global market. It is essential for our present and future prosperity.


Making Greener Choices

Even though most sex toys are not produced here, buying erotic accessories from Quebec businesses can reduce some environmental impacts. Local companies often use more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, minimizing the use of plastics and harmful substances. 

Moreover, Quebec companies are more transparent about their production practices. By supporting these practices, you encourage more responsible and environmentally friendly production. You help reduce the overall ecological footprint of this otherwise polluting industry.


Promoting Health and Safety for Your Sex Toys

Quebec erotic accessories manufactured or sold locally adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Quebec companies use and sell safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic materials. This reduces the risk of irritations or allergic reactions. 

By buying locally, you benefit from responsive and personalized customer service in case of any issues. This peace of mind is hard to obtain from large online platforms.


Buying Your Erotic Accessories in Store for Personalized Advice According to Your Needs

For the purchase of intimate products, nothing beats going to a store. It may be embarrassing at first, but the advisors in our Seduction boutiques across Quebec will quickly make you feel at ease. You can discuss what you are looking for with an expert, see and handle what is in the store, and ask all your questions. 

Personalized advice is priceless. Plus, we have a contagious pleasure in sharing our expertise with you. Come see us in store, you won’t regret it.


Amazing Companies to Discover for Your Quebec Erotic Accessory Purchases

Banana Prosthetics: Innovation for Gender Affirmation

This company created by a young man in 2020 is truly inspiring. Banana Prosthetics specializes in creating penile prosthetics for people who do not have a penis, such as transgender men, non-binary people, and others seeking realistic and functional prosthetics. 

In 2010, at the age of 13, its founder made the courageous decision to transition to the male gender. Faced with a lack of gender affirmation products, he spent years perfecting his techniques to create a realistic and high-quality prosthesis.

Banana Prosthetics improves the self-confidence and quality of life of transgender and non-binary people in more than 60 countries worldwide. This is proof that local people innovate and change the world, a success story to celebrate and encourage.

Come discover the penile prosthesis collection in store.


Shunga Erotic Art: The Meeting of Japanese Elegance and Quebec Craftsmanship 

Founded in 2000 in Montreal, this internationally recognized Quebec company offers a wide range of products including massage oils, lubricants, bath products, and erotic toys. Shunga Erotic Art offers luxury erotic products inspired by traditional Japanese art. 

Each product, 100% made in Montreal, is formulated with natural ingredients, paraben-free, and dermatologically tested to ensure a hypoallergenic and safe experience. Shunga focuses on education and sensual exploration. This company invites you to discover new dimensions of pleasure and put eroticism at the heart of your life. 

Discover this sensual set which includes several items to savor Shunga’s expertise.


Lingerie Blush: Sophistication and Sensuality Quebec Style

Founded in 1988 in Montreal, Blush Lingerie is known for creating sophisticated and sensual lingerie. Committed to offering high-quality products, Blush combines style, comfort, and accessibility. The brand offers a wide range of bras, panties, bodysuits, nightgowns, swimwear, and loungewear. Each piece is carefully designed to fit perfectly to the body, providing support and well-being. 

Blush values body diversity by offering sizes and styles suited to different body types, celebrating beauty in all its forms. Committed to responsible production practices, the company seeks to minimize its environmental impact. 

Internationally recognized, Blush Lingerie plays a leading role in the industry, enhancing women’s confidence and sensuality.

Discover this Rogue bodysuit and come try our extended range of sexy lingerie in store.


Floravi: Making Sexual Products Accessible to Everyone

Floravi is another Quebec company that innovates by making the sale of sexuality-related products accessible in traditional stores. The company distributes its products in over 900 retail locations. Its president, Edith Arsenault, notes the evolution of society towards a culture of sexual health with fewer and fewer taboos.  

By making its products available in pharmacies, Floravi reaches an audience that does not necessarily frequent erotic shops. These people benefit from discovering items that promote pleasure and sexual health. 

The products are developed in collaboration with health professionals. They favor healthy sexuality that goes beyond simple pleasure, including self-discovery and the search for new sensations.

Discover this Floravi product: Water-Based Lubricant 


Séduction: 40 Years of Expertise in Quebec Erotic Products

Did you know that Boutique Séduction has been a pioneer and leader for over 40 years in the Quebec erotic accessories sector?  At a time when the search for eroticism was less popular and the use of sex toys more taboo, Séduction already offered


For a Memorable Saint-Jean: Choose Quebec Erotic Accessories

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Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories Celebrate Saint-Jean with Quebec erotic accessories