Make your 2024 an unforgettable erotic experience with Séduction’s top 10 sex toys, the best sex shop in Montreal. What are you waiting for to make 2024 a hot and sensual year? Start or complete your collection of sex toys with the best products on the market. Séduction’s erotic boutique has a well-established reputation, and numerous rankings confirm that we are the best sex shop in Montreal.

You can trust our expertise with over 40 years in the world of sexual wellness. We know sexual accessories better than anyone else. Here is our selection of the 10 best sellers, the ones most appreciated by our customers year after year. Visit us in-store for personalized advice.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Enjoy every time

The Wand Vibrating Massager is one of the world’s most popular sex toys. Don’t miss out on the intense and multiple orgasms it offers. Its effectiveness is undeniable – a study conducted in 2008 with anorgasmic women showed that 93% of them reached orgasm with the Wand.

The petite version is a great introduction if you’re new to the Wand, and a handy addition if you already love it. Versatile, it stimulates the clitoris, nipples, male perineum, and can also relax all parts of the body. Its small size is perfect for vibrating erogenous zones during penetration for explosive pleasure. This classic has nothing left to prove. It’s waiting for you.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Push the boundaries of male orgasm

The Adore U Hom Prostate Stimulator is a must-have. This sophisticated toy is designed to explore new heights of male pleasure. With its ribbed texture, it effectively stimulates the anus and perineum simultaneously. The simultaneous vibration of these two highly erogenous zones promises exhilarating intensity.

Its shape perfectly adapts to the male anatomy, while its remote control makes it easy to control vibrations from a distance. Use it during oral sex or masturbation for the ultimate sensory experience. This prostate stimulator will lead you to completely intoxicating orgasms.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Awaken your imaginary world

Create a sexy unicorn world where pleasure is the focus with the Clitoral Stimulator – Karma Lilac – Unihorn. This miniature toy is cute and discreet, delivering delightful body shivers. Its fun design and soft texture will take you to the peaks of clitoral pleasure. Massaging the clitoris has never been so playful and easy. A delightful addition during vaginal or anal penetration, an exciting unicorn world awaits you.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Enjoy anytime, anywhere

Dreaming of a world where orgasms are possible at any moment? The Moxie Panty Stimulator – WeVibe, designed to be discreetly worn under your clothes, will fulfill this desire. Treat yourself to this discreet and wildly exciting gift.

The clitoris is stimulated by powerful vibrations easily controlled with a mobile app. Access pleasure anytime, as many times as you want. Its ergonomic design and compact size make it the ideal companion for naughty games in public or private, whether you’re alone or with your partner.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Sensual shower experience

Who doesn’t love a relaxing moment under a hot shower followed by an orgasm? Immerse yourself in a revolutionary experience with the Wave Pleasure Jet – Womanizer. This showerhead provides quick and intense pleasure without direct contact.

It reinvents your sensory experience with its gentle and pulsating pressure waves that stimulate the clitoris without direct touch. Explore its different modes and intensities for personalized satisfaction with each use. Whether solo, duo, or more, you’ll never be more excited to lather up.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Treat yourself to a turbo masturbator

The Masturbator – Fuck-O-Matic 2 is perfect for intense masturbation. This masturbator sucks and envelops the penis with intermittent suction and vibration movements for powerful and multiple orgasms. Its design provides gentle comfort by reproducing the effect of a vagina.

Free your deepest fantasies without hesitation. Let yourself be carried away by the sensual rhythm of this masturbator. Vibration and suction modes synchronize for an extraordinary climax.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Dive into a sensual ocean

The Clitoral Stimulator Namii – Biird is known to provide shivers that run through the entire body. Like many clitoral stimulators, it offers a suction effect. Its particularity, however, is the addition of vibration, impossible to replicate by a partner.

The suction combined with vibration stimulates the entire clitoris rather than just the visible part. These sensations will lead you to dizzying ecstasy. Unique with its original ergonomics, it perfectly fits the shape of the vulva. Clitoral stimulation is precise even without hands, with various vibration modes possible.

You can even use it as a bedside lamp with its luminous recharge, reminding you of its erotic advantages every night before bedtime. Bet you’ll have sweet dreams.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Experience intense sensations

If you don’t own a dual stimulation vibrator, it’s time to remedy that. The Thrusting Vibrator Leona – Adore U is incomparable. It surpasses all expectations by offering delightful and deep thrills.

With its thrusting movements, it recreates a powerful vaginal penetration sensation coupled with targeted clitoral stimulation. The textured shaft elevates orgasm to a new level. A plan to make you scream with pleasure every time. It will be a loyal friend, always ready and never tired to send you to cloud nine effortlessly.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Make your buttocks irresistible

Anal pleasure is sometimes overlooked by both men and women. This erogenous zone filled with nerve endings is, however, a space to explore if you seek heightened erotic sensations. In 2024, dare to try anal sex.

The Vibrating Anal Plug – B-Vibe is perfect for a gentle initiation. Control the insertion of the object at your own pace and in stages. Use a water-based lubricant for assistance. Once comfortable, explore the vibration sensations with the remote control for easy control.

With its heart-shaped design and sparkling jewel, this anal plug is not only enjoyable to use but also a sight for your partner. Shared excitement between lovers enhances the sensations delivered by this enchanting toy.


Top 10 - Sex Toys 2024 by Montreal's Best Sex Shop

Experience anal penetration with peace of mind

For anal pleasure without unpleasant surprises and stress, use the Prelude Anal Douche – Aneros. This gentle cleansing allows perfect relaxation and optimal confidence during your next anal sex session. This anal douche is small and convenient to carry.

Discreet, you can keep it with you at all times. You won’t be caught off guard during a spontaneous sexual encounter. Be ready for the hottest encounters at any time.

An Exciting 2024 with the Séduction Erotic Boutique

There you have it, you now know the top 10 sex toys for 2024, tested and approved by the clientele of the best sex shop in Montreal. Add new levels of pleasure and dimensions to your sex life. Variety and exploration keep eroticism, this vital energy, at the core of your life. Sex is good for health; you will live longer and happier.


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