After all, I must enjoy it

As soon as I step off the plane, the heaviness of the humidity envelops me. The intense heat bursts upon my skin. I pause for two seconds at the top of the stairs leading to the tarmac: It’s beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve traveled and seen real palm trees, aside from the ones that frame the entrance to Miami Deli. I let myself be convinced to experience spring break down south.
After taking a shuttle filled with young university students like myself, we arrived at the hotel lobby. Welcomed by G.O.s offering fruit cocktails and flower necklaces, we discovered our room.


The guys are evidently very excited to spend the week here. My suitcase open on my bed, I take off my shirt to apply sunscreen.
“Wow! One wouldn’t believe that a nerd like you hides that under his T-shirt!” Comments fly, and the guys make me promise to let go and enjoy myself. I comply, grab one of the novels from my suitcase, and head towards the beach, laughing.
I grab a towel at the bar and take the opportunity to have a little drink. After all, I’m here to enjoy it, as they say. I feel like I’m being watched by a few eyes, but I pay no mind. I just want to soak up the sun and feel the salty air; another first.
I settle into one of the available loungers and begin my reading. After a few pages and several sips, I already feel the stress of my daily life dissipating.
It’s going to be a great week.


As the sun slowly begins to set, an intriguing silhouette appears in my peripheral vision. I turn to discover bronzed skin covering long legs and a shapely chest. The woman must be in her mid-forties, maybe fifties. She rises from a chair where I hadn’t seen her sit down. She leans casually to pick up her glass placed on the sand. It feels like she’s taking her time to allow me to discover her bare buttocks thanks to her thong. As if to offer confirmation, her hands slide up her thighs to grasp them just before she winks at me. She puts on her sandals and looks me over without embarrassment. She plunges her gaze, with a lustful gleam, right into mine and smiles before leaving.
All of this feels surreal. I gather my wits, both excited and curious if I’ll see her again. I pick up my book and head to the buffet to rejoin the rest of the group.
Of course, I tell them about this timeless moment. “Ooooh!” sounds from all around. They have hot blood: a mature woman! I can imagine the kind of scenario they’d like to put the woman I described in. I admit it sparks my imagination too.
After all, I must enjoy it.


In the evening, the guys convince me to go to the resort’s nightclub. The experience starts strong: rounds of shots! The atmosphere is electric. You can feel the hormones boiling. People are beautiful and skirts are short. No one is still. Everyone has been swept up by the hot temperatures. Bodies are heated and seek to explore uncharted lands.
A hand appears on my stomach. It moves up to my chest, revealing my well-defined pecs. I let it continue its journey down to my navel, caressing the hair decorating my lower abdomen. I grab it before it reaches my already hardening shaft. I turn around and discover the woman from the afternoon. I pull her towards me and plant a kiss on her lips. My tongue slips into her mouth to find hers, and they begin a perfect dance. I place my hand on her buttocks and pull her body even closer to mine. She emits a small moan of approval. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my friends cheering me on.

At the same time, she starts walking, taking me with her. That’s when I notice she’s still wearing that thong swimsuit; she’s only put on a white mesh dress over it. The perfect contrast with her dark skin that I want to taste. She leads me back to the beach, now deserted, and pushes me onto the lounger I had occupied earlier. She removes the dress and straddles me. Then, she frees her breasts. Large, heavy breasts that I eagerly weigh in my hands. I lift my head to lick them. She smells like the sun; sunscreen, coconut. I bring her right breast to my mouth and let my lips engulf her nipple before gently sucking. I do the same to the other, not wanting to leave it out. Then, I nibble on her erect nipple. As I attend to her chest, I see her start to touch herself, which turns me on even more.

“I want to fuck you,” I tell her.

The lustful spark returns.

She removes my shorts to access my huge erection. She kneels in the sand and looks at it hungrily. She moves above my glans to let a large amount of saliva drip, which she then licks.

This is definitely not her first blowjob.

I see her wet lips slowly wrapping around my glans and swallow it in one go. Then, her mouth descends to the base of my cock, which sinks deep into her throat. She sucks and starts a back-and-forth motion. At the same time, she presses on my perineum. Wow. I want to ejaculate all over her face, but she raises a finger to indicate for me to hold back.
She continues and stops every time I’m about to cum. Then, it’s too much.
After all, I still have to enjoy it.

I stand up and move behind her. She leans forward to rest her cheek on the sand. With both hands, she spreads her buttocks. I thrust my member, on the verge of exploding, into her dripping pussy. She screams with pleasure.

My hands grasp her waist to control the rhythm. I feel my cock go deep.

“I want you to come in my ass.”

I need no more encouragement. This woman who exudes a sexual energy I’ve never encountered before asks me to do anal? Yes, ma’am!
I moisten her tight ass before slowly penetrating it. Once inside, I pick up the pace. She no longer moans; she screams. With one hand, she holds one of her buttocks while she inserts the fingers of her other hand into her vagina. In less than five minutes, I fill her ass with my seed, which she slowly lets out and dribble, while I barely realize what just happened.

It’s already the best spring break of my life… and it’s only the first day!

After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it. After all, I must enjoy it.


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