You’re alone on Valentine’s Day and have no attention of sitting in front of Bridget Jones Diary with a bottle of wine in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other? We understand, we don’t want that either! So here is the complete guide for the perfect solo Valentine’s Day.

Pleasure Food Treat

Forget the leftovers and treat yourself.


Considering some pasta sauce and half a box of macaroni? Forget that and go all out! When’s the last time you had a nice dinner date with yourself? It’s about time you think about everything you have done for yourself and reward yourself with luxurious evening. You deserve it, solely because you are the most important person in your life, after all!

Chocolate will be discounted on the 15th of February, so tonight, it’s time to take out the ice cream or any other desserts that make you drool.


Do an activity that makes you happy.


It’s time for some relaxation and self-care: a hot bath or long shower, body care products of all kinds, do your hair, trim your beard, your nails, put on your comfiest pajama and take the time to pamper yourself a little.

LeWand vibrator wand pleasure

Have the best solo session of your life.


We often see the same things: 10 ways to please him, make your partner climax in 5 easy steps, the best ways to stimulate your couple. What about the best ways to fully satisfy yourself? The wait is over: go all out for your own pleasure and maximize your orgasms.

Look for a new accessory that will blow you away. Don’t go for the cheap thing to save a few dollars; invest in one that you will love and keep for a long time.

Make yourself comfortable and plan your masturbation session. Gather lubricant, tissues or anything you might need along the way.

If you need some visual support, don’t hesitate! A book, a visual novel, a video or movie, you are in charge, go wild!

Make it last. Nobody is stopping you after only one orgasm or even from continuing after climaxing. Tease yourself, stop and resume as many times as you want (as long as it’s pleasurable). You can start -or finish- in the shower, on the sofa or in bed again and again and again… it’s up to you!

Changing positions can also offer new sensations. It’s pretty standard when talking about sexual positions with a partner, but there is no limits to what you can accomplish alone. Let your instincts guide you!

never let a date decide what you make of your evening. Choose to celebrate the relationship with yourself to the fullest!