Traveling has never been so much fun: exploring the world with all your senses

Traveling with sex toys is possible. The Séduction shop makes it a point to excite you and make you enjoy at home as well as on your travels.

Sex is undeniably a source of happiness, escape, and pleasure. Simple, accessible, and free, it provides intense emotions, unique sensations, and instant relaxation. Traveling is for many at the top of happy events. The combination of sex and vacations is, therefore, ideal.

Are you ready for a torrid and sensual journey? Here are the best tips from the Séduction shop for traveling with your favorite erotic toys.

Traveling with sex toys by plane

Firstly, several precautions are necessary if you are taking a plane.

  • Check the laws of the country and the rules of the airline (they are outright banned in some countries)
  • Prefer checked baggage to avoid awkward or funny searches
  • Don’t forget your batteries, chargers, and lubricant (less than 100 ml if in the cabin)
  • Bring versatile and multifunctional toys to maximize space

Finally, prefer small, discreet, and quiet toys.

The ideal is to put your erotic toys in checked baggage. However, if you choose to take them with you in the cabin:

  • Lock them to prevent a motor from starting, causing noise and vibrations
  • Put them in a transparent bag with the label “sex toy.” You will avoid confusion and the bewildered look of security members if they are not familiar with the object.
  • If the sex toy contains metal, there is a risk it may be confiscated.

Show yourself in your best light

Beyond practical advice, above all, get into the mood. You are on vacation after all. It’s the ideal time to break the routine. Be in seduction mode with your partner. Take care of your appearance, wear their favorite clothes. Lingerie for women or men takes up little space in your luggage and sets the tone.

Give compliments, caresses, be attentive, and good company to facilitate closeness and create relational intimacy. Just be irresistible.

Create an atmosphere conducive to sexuality

Furthermore, be creative and sexually imaginative. Let the furniture and space inspire you. The iron bed can set the stage for a night of naughty entanglements. The bath will give way to languorous and sensual caresses. The bathroom counter might suddenly inspire you to test its robustness. The terrace will offer you a night of nocturnal love while admiring the stars and hiding from prying eyes.

Create improvised sex toys that are easily found while traveling, such as scarves and pareos. You can tie up your love without handcuffs and offer unforgettable and sexy travel memories. Vacations are a good time to discuss and even explore new sexual practices. You will bring home the most beautiful gift, an expanded and deepened sexual connection.

Identify unusual outdoor places where it would be possible and exciting to make love. Sex on the beach? Why not? Let your madness go, while respecting laws and others, of course.

Consider sex toys suitable for travel

A small-sized toy that provides pleasure to both partners is an excellent option when traveling. The Adore U Duo vibrating penis ring is the perfect choice. It hardens and lengthens the erection for shared pleasure. The vibration is enjoyable to receive for the ring wearer as much as the partner who can experience stimulation during penetration.

Fitness and increased enjoyment

Finally, vacations are a great opportunity to get back in shape, and we’re thinking here of the perineum. A toned and strong perineum is an essential element of overall health. In terms of sexuality, it brings more intense orgasms and a more powerful and conscious closure. Adore U’s Kegel exercisers are easily portable. The four interchangeable balls allow for a gentle and progressive workout.

Traveling with sex toys: a new must

Sex and vacations combined are the ultimate happiness. A perfect marriage. Exploring new places combined with a sexual connection with your partner will anchor this journey in your memory forever. If you’re traveling solo, no worries, bring your favorite sex toys, treat yourself to moments of self-care and exotic pleasure. You will never travel without your erotic toys again, and never in the same way. Wishing you a happy and joyful journey!