1. Create a treasure hunt

Sure, the famous treasure hunt is nothing new. However, there’s nothing to stop you from putting a little jazz in yours to make it personal and add some romance to the generic idea.

Print photos of yourself – in the digital age, photographs printed on photo paper are scarce! Use these photos for your hunt and write the clue that will lead to the next photo on the back. At the end, offer a scrapbook to put the photographs in, so you will have a place to keep future memories that you will eternalize on glossy paper.


Love couple cooking naked

2. Cook together

Make yourself a gourmet meal! Nothing could be easier, take advantage of the ready-to-cook box offers and treat yourself to the luxury of a good meal at home. As a bonus, cook lovingly with your partner. Not only do you save on the cost of your meal, but it’s also simpler, giving you more time for the rest of the evening activties.

Who knows, you might just find yourself a new couple hobby!


3. Treat yourself to a spa… home edition

Plan a typical route, with relaxation areas, refreshments and a massage. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of peace, add soft music, candles and beauty and care areas. Start with a warm bath, the hottest you can tolerate without burning yourself, then take a very cold shower to create thermal shock. This large variation in temperature will cause an adrenaline rush. Bundle up in a bathrobe and make yourself comfortable in your resting area. The adrenaline will then give way to endorphin, for a most relaxing experience. The little extras; if you have a fireplace or wood stove, turn it on to create enveloping warmth in your resting area. If you have a spa – or even a sauna – take this opportunity and experience the thermal spa outside with snow instead of the cold shower.

Then proceed with the skin care and massage, for a fuller experience.

Massage couple sensuel jeu de rôle

4. Try a little roleplay

Playing is very beneficial for the couple, not only does it rekindle the flame, but it’s also a great way to break out of the usual shackles. In the world of role-playing, the possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination or how comfortable you are in a given situation. So here is an example of a light role-playing game, easily performed at home. In the context of the spa, named in point 3 of this article, you can become a massage therapist for a session. Find a quiet place where you will set up your massage table, it could be an ottoman, a cot, a table or even the kitchen island. Cover your table with a white sheet and create an ambience for your massage room. Pick a massage oil you like and feel comfortable massaging with – pro tip, heat the oil lightly for a soft, comfortable contact with the skin.

Greet your customer and let your hands wander as much as you want!


5. Write something to your better half

Whether it’s a letter, a poem, a song, or a small paragraph in a greeting card, words that come from the heart speak the loudest. The exercise of putting your feelings down on paper is both a rich and humble experience. It is also an inexhaustible memory for the person who receives this sweet attention.

Calendrier de l'Avent Saint-Valentin Cadeau Lingerie

6. Put together an Advent calendar

An advent calendar for Valentine’s Day, oh yes! Slip in not only small gifts like lingerie or erotic accessories, but also small sweets, drinks (alcoholic or not), sweet words, photos, favor coupons, in short , whatever your partner will like!

You can also opt for a concept calendar such as 14 microbrewery beers for two to enjoy, 14 movie nights – just put in the title of a movie and a snack per day, or whatever else you know your lover will like.


7. Create a memory box

To extend the romance, create a box with memories you have kept over time. Take the opportunity to walk through it with your partner and add new significant artifacts. Take a photo of yourself as you look at the contents of the box, write a letter for your future selves (don’t read it right away). Later, if you are going through a more difficult time, open the box to remember your story, relive your moments of love, and see your partner again with a loving eye. By continuing to add items to the box, you are forging a tangible memory of your love and relationship. Open the box every Valentine’s Day and write a new letter for the following year. Write down the reasons that make you appreciate your partner, your wishes for the next year, your successes of the past year and the situations that have made you grow as a couple. Slip in a fantasy or two, promises of favors for the next year, or any other naughtiness!


8. Create a thoughtful care package

Heart-shaped chocolates, white teddy bears, and rose petals aren’t necessarily your partner’s favorite gifts. So opt for a tailor-made surprise bag for them. Include treats they like that they don’t buy themselves regularly; add naughty delicacies too, just to make the most of the night under the sheets!

9. Make a list of the little things that make you fall for them

Show your partner that you are listening and that what they say or do is important to you. Take the time to write it down and remind them. Here are some ideas for assembling and delivering these thoughts;

Make a bouquet – take sticks and write one thing you like per stick. This will allow your significant other to read them one by one, or to read one occasionally, when they really need to.

Make a video – if you tend to film your everyday life and have a talent for video editing, offer a montage of sweet moments, complete with videos of you explaining what makes you tick about your partner.

Turn it into a work of Art – let your creativity run wild and make an artwork that brings together all those beautiful moments, those little quirks and peculiarities that make your other half THE person you love to live with.


10. Plan a big day of small gestures

If you are not the type to make big gestures, and for you love shows itself in the small, simple attentions in life, give a day of small, sweet gestures. Preheat and remove snow from the car in the morning, you can even leave a small snow heart in it as a signature. Prepare a coffee to go, a lunch with surprise snacks or just little notes stuck here and there in the lunchbox or the work bag. Call your better half during the day to tell them that you love them, that you are thinking of them and that you wish them a nice day. If the opportunity arises, pick them up from work, or meet them at the bus stop; take the opportunity to make a short stop along the way to grab something for dinner! In the evening, let them choose a movie or show, game or activity to do. Finish it off with a relaxing bath and a night of sweet, sweet love!


11. Go for the clichés

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a couple or your tenth, it can always be funny to treat yourself to an evening of the greatest Lover’s Day clichés. Don’t skimp on the amount of hearts, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, and teddy bears! Here are a few sappy romance ideas for your Cupid-worthy night out. A bath with rose petals, bubbles and a chocolate fondue; no less. Add champagne and languid jazz to it, you will be delighted with the kitsch effect. Alternatively, put down blankets by the fire with the sound of rain hitting the window in the background. No fireplace, no rain (it’s February), no problem. You will easily find ambience videos of all kinds on the internet, choose your combo and let yourself be carried away by love!

12. Create a moment

Take advantage of this evening to make every little moment a special attention. For example, if you’re in charge of the meal – or even better, dessert, sneak up to remove your clothes and serve the meal naked under your apron. We bet that the food will be your second course!

Otherwise, take the time to prepare for a special moment, it can be as easy as putting down your pillows and blankets for a movie night. Not only will you be proud and satisfied, but your loved one will also have that special feeling of being chosen and pampered.

13. Make a road trip to nowhere

Evenings can be long, so take advantage of it to admire the city lights or drive on the quiet countryside roads. Go nowhere together with music or a podcast. Go visit a part of the city, a town, a village. You will spend some good moments together, away from screens and daily distractions. Just make sure it is legal to do so!

14. Go out to admire Winter’s beauty

For all the adventurers of the great cold, the winter lovers and the outdoor enthusiasts, take advantage of your evening to go for a walk on a beautiful path. No matter where you are, there is sure to be a lovely park, stream, or forest for winter walking. When all that is done, take advantage of your return home to snuggle up in the arms of your better half, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. If you’re a little sore from your winter activities, offer a massage to receive one in return!