An idea or a fantasy, there are several subjects that have become taboos within societal norms that can end up finding their way in our thoughts. Be reassured, there is a good chance that your biggest fantasies have already popped up in your partner’s mind. Do not be embarrassed to discuss the biggest sexual taboos that go through your mind and who knows; maybe you will discover a common fantasy. To help you think outside the box, we will propose 5 taboo ideas that are quite legitimate to want to realize with your partner!


  1. The pleasure of anal lovemaking

For many people, anal sex does not seem to be an acceptable sexual practice. If well executed, anal penetration can be a source of extraordinary pleasure. Start by exciting the area with your tongue or with your finger. If you feel comfortable, you can continue by increasing pleasure with penile penetration or with a smaller-sized sexual object like a dildo or buttplug. You will certainly discover an extraordinary euphoric sensation.


  1. Pornography

Pornography has been labeled as having to be consumed alone. Although, watching pornography with your partner can be a source of naughty ideas, a good introduction to discussion or even an amazing foreplay activity. In any case, you risk being distracted by each other and not see the end of the film.


  1. Role Playing

Everyone has already fantasized of spending a good time with the gym teacher, a firefighter or a sexy nurse. If you’ve missed your chance, there is no need to be ashamed of your fantasies and want to recreate with your lover the scene you would have wanted to live. What a better way to change up your routine than a visit from the postman or the doctor to increase your pleasure. You can get costumes, wigs or accessories to increase the level of reality of your scenario!


  1. BDSM

Love and caresses are always well received from our partners. On the other hand, daring to shake things up can be a good source of ecstasy. Be sure to discuss your limits and give yourselves a code (For example, coming up with a safe word) so that both people know the limits of their partner. Start with small sets of basic beginner fetish products consisting of whips, handcuffs and headbands like the Miss Morgane packages to be able to experience the pleasure on your own.

  1. Polygamy

Since couples have long been conceived as a monogamous union, many do not see the interest of integrating one of the many forms of polygamy into their sexual life. It is normal to want to explore despite our love for our beloved one. So adopting one of the many forms of polygamy is a possibility to try out, even if only once, to discover the pleasures offered by openness in a relationship. Threesomes, swingers and groups, why not experience them while being with your lover. If you are both open to the idea and ready to get started, opening your couple can absolutely be an exciting new experience and a source of sexual fulfillment. Make sure the rules are clear before your start and both of you really want it. Don’t forget, wanting to experience new sexual activities with other people does not invalidate the love and satisfaction that you live with your partner!