Imagine… you’re by the pool side, sipping a cold (alcoholic) beverage. Summer has you sun kissed and you’re feeling like a million dollars.
Let Seduction help you look the part too.

Layers are in this year.
Fashion standards are meant to be tested and recreated.
Fashion has a way of making you feel things. It makes an impression.

When you feel confident, people notice.

We choose our clothing based on how we feel for the day, what kind of event we’re going to, throwing on whatever’s clean… but fashion makes a statement. Even if we don’t think about it, there’s a reason we feel a pull to a certain item or colour. If you put energy into your wardrobe, everyone can feel it.
Summer is the perfect time to play with lingerie and feel good about how you look.

When we asked our model, Zyra, to put this outfit on… she came out glowing. She absolutely killed this look and you could tell she felt good about being in it. She instantly fell in love with it. Putting on this outfit made me feel so glamorous… absolutely gorgeous. It may not seem realistic to wear this all the time, but I would find a reason.” – Zyra


We’ve combined three great brands to create this look for you!

Be Wicked for the long beautiful baby pink robe, valued at $119.99 in our Toronto location. ( Also available in Black and Red )

Body Language Fashion for the flirty bikini, valued at $59.99 in our Toronto location.  (Also available in a variety of colours)

Pleaser USA for the amazing fluffy pink heels that really make this outfit come together, valued at $79.99 in our Toronto location.
(Also available in Black and Purple)

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