Many societal discourses put aside sexuality for people of a certain age. Looking at the images projected by the media, one would believe that sexuality is exclusive to young people. Although, we will reveal to you a little secret: it is completely legitimate to desire an active sex life at any age! A developed sexuality is a key part of our sexual health and, therefore, our overall health. On the other hand, in both men and women, certain problems can arise when we reach a certain age: erectile problem, loss of libido, lack of sexual attractions towards one or his partner… Lets talk about some solutions that will assuredly lead you to a rediscovery of your sexuality!

Your partner and you no longer have the same level of passion as before? Start by talking to your partner. This step will probably prove to be the most challenging since it can be embarrassing talking about the elephant in the room. Communication is the key to getting back on track together. It may be difficult to re-light a flame, but it is certainly not impossible! We definitely have some tips that could help you!


After having discussed the subject, start exploring your options. Light candles and take out massage oil. You can massage your partner from to toe or take heating massage oils to rediscover your most sensitive parts. If you like chocolate, take shunga’s body paint, draw on your partner and enjoy! Then, to (re) discover the pleasures of oral lovemaking, take a lip balm with a warm-cold effect designed to sensitize and excite the intimate parts of the man as well was the woman. You will definitely discover several sensations!


Did you know that your doctor is trained to answer your questions and concerns about your changing sexuality? They have the solution to your health difficulties such as the elderly man’s testosterone deficit syndrome (SLOH), women’s difficulties such as hormonal problems or psychosocial factors. All these troubles are perfectly manageable! Despite the fact that sometimes medication is needed and some difficulties can be complex, several doctors will mention a visit to a love shop to solve some more common and less medical problems! Our team is there for you!


After menopause, women may suffer from vaginal dryness.. To address these problems, women are advised to purchase natural water or silicone based lubricant. To help with the lack of natural lubrication, some women may experience vaginal atrophy or stenosis following a more difficult menopause. If you require pelvic floor rehabilitation, your doctor may advise you on dilators that, over time, will relieve pain associated with vaginal problems.


On the other hand, men may suffer from erectile dysfunction or a drop in libido. Several tablets made from natural ingredients are available on the market to treat these problems including Bipromax. Approved by Health Canada, this product helps maximize complete sexual performance in humans. Others will use penile rings to have a firmer erection since these allow retaining the blood of the penis maintaining a better erection. Some men will be advised of penis pumps to obtain an erection by suction and then add a penile ring. Several options are available.

It is certain that sexuality is complex and requires constant work to maximize pleasure, but it is completely normal to want to live a fulfilling sexual life at all ages. Some challenges can be found along the way, but do not hesitate to inform yourself and / or explore to enjoy some amazing moments. Let yourself go and see what your sexuality always has to offer. You will see, you still have a lot in you!



The steps to evolve your sexuality


Your sexuality must be constantly worked upon. You certainly do not live your sexuality at the age of 20 as you do at the age of 40. It is certain that meetings and experiences promote the evolution of sexuality, but there is always personal work that can be done to make the most out of one’s sexuality and can also benefit to the pleasure of your partner.




We were all brought up in different socio-cultural backgrounds. Seven billion people occupy our planet, so it is certain many different kinds of sexualities and preferences are found in different communities and the people who compose them. When a person dares to open up about his or her practices and preferences, avoid judging, ask questions about things that are less obvious to you, ad give yourself time to think and understand. Despite the fact that it may not be for you, imagine having the courage to open yourself up to someone and be received by a negative judgment. This leaves no room for constructive exchanges!


Do not let failures get to you

Whether our failures are during our first sexual relationships or linked to your state of mind or health, it is important not to block on your failure. Take it as an experience by which you will learn about your body and your sexuality. Allow you to identify the causes of disappointment, find solutions your problems and then move on!


Respect your body

The body is very complex and that is why it is important to respect it. Working on your body is a great way to prepare it to explore. An unloved and poorly maintained body is total brake on the evolution of your sexuality. Take note of your needs in nutrition, exercise and body care to understand what makes your body unique. So you will know what is good for you and your body to successfully bloom sexually.


Establish what you want

A preconceived idea of sexuality is that it must be spontaneous. Although, communication can predetermine certain ideas and desires which, later on, will allow observations that help us in having a broader vision of our sexuality. Knowing what kind of partner we want to be, what we are looking for in the other person, what we like and dislike does not block new ideas or spontaneity, but allows us to come up with a plan that can embark you on an adventure that will be perfect for what you want!


Soliciting and developing the components of your sexuality

Sensuality, eroticism, romance as well as fetishism are assets to sexuality that must be explored and put to use to amplify one’s sexuality. Sexuality is natural to everybody, but some of its key elements may be less or not at all present in your sexuality. They must be developed.


Being open-minded

This is definitely the key to evolving your sexuality. It is by listening to those around you, your parent and your own desires that you will, with time, hear an idea or fantasy that will open a door to your own new discoveries.


In any case, your sexuality will evolve with your life. Let yourself go and cultivate all the pleasures of a fulfilled sexuality!



Five obsolete sexual norms (or in the process of becoming so)


From the beginning of your childhood, we have learned and adopted through our family, friends and society, certain norms in relation to sexuality. Some people will keep these norms and others will lose or change them according to their personal experiences. Society is constantly changing and some standards and rules are being thrown off board. By taking a step back, we can re-examine what we take for granted and ask ourselves the question; are these norms still relevant? Many people will tell you no!


Gender binary

A complex subject, gender, for a long time being seen as two different and distinct categories, is being deconstructed and seen as more complex. Today, we see a multitude of people who refuse the gender label that was imposed on them at birth. This deconstruction of gender perception began in marginalized environments. Now, it is subject of academic researches and is making its way in politics. One thing is certain: the concept of gender is much more complex than the duality between the man and the woman. We can see this openness about gender by a heightened coverage by the media. Society is progressively opening up and has a desire to learn!


Nipples… are they all the same?

The media has often covered the issue surrounding nipples. Through women who breastfeed in public, women’s impossibility of putting nude photos on social networks all the way to the Free the Nipple movement, the discussions about nipples is constantly coming back in our debates and conversations. There are several reasons for the double standard around women’s nipples: hypersexualisation, lack of knowledge of female anatomy, out-dated beliefs about the woman’s body, and so on. Many will say it’s time to undo the myth around the nipple. Man or woman, they are all-alike and deserve to be treated in the same way. To prove this fact, many quizzes have joked around by putting several pictures of nipples and have asked people to differentiate the male and female nipple to everyone’s difficulty…. Probably because in all cases, we are always talking about the same part of the body!

Body Hair

Norms have taught us that women need have no hair and that men, on the other hand, need to be very hairy to demonstrate their masculinity. Although social norms have subsided concerning men’s body hair, women do not enjoy the same luxury. A woman who lets her hair grow is often considered an extreme feminist who is out of norm and lacking of sexiness according to society. However, if the hairs are well kept and washed, why should a woman shave if it does not tempt her? Why is a man obliged to have hair to be considered manly? Body hair is natural for everyone; some people will demand the right to choose how they maintain their body hair without the approval of their comrades! Some people will even dye their body hair. They certainly deserve bonus points for originality and anti-conformism!

Sexy underwear

A majority of women wear sexy underwear. Choosing the perfect piece for yourself is a great way to showcase your body and sex appeal for yourself and your partner. Wearing lingerie is recognized as a source of sensuality and eroticism in women. On the other hand, for men this is often seen as fetish. In fact, it is not only women who can wear sexy underwear for all their sexuality and fashion needs. Boxer or strings as well as open and adjusted, there are of all kinds and for all tastes. Just find the piece that makes you feel sexy!



Emotions were long reserved for women. If a man found himself expressing his emotions, he was often labeled as “gay” or “fag”. Numerous studies have shown that for sociological reasons, men have much more difficulty expressing their emotions. Men had to remain silent in order to be strong and supportive for their families and their entourage as for women have been labeled as being fragile and desiring communication at all costs. Today, several societies are leaving aside those standards consisting of men being hard character and women being sensitive. This has allowed the development of means of communications of management of emotions for everyone. Expressing and exploring these emotions with self-respect and at your own paste has become the new standard for better emotional health for all.


The art of letting go is also being who you are, despite what a society can demand of you.