It’s about that time of the year when the weather starts to change, the leaves start to fall, and Halloween events are surrounding us.

Halloween as an adult means having the freedom to really play with creations; to be a little more daring in what you wear because we’re mature enough to handle it now. Every year there is a popular string of themes that everyone resorts to choosing… and it’s so easy to buy a complete costume, throw it on and go… but putting some time and energy into small details are what will really make your costume that extra bit of awesome.

Dress up in theme, but stand out in the crowd.

Hair, makeup, accessories and attitude can make or break your Halloween costume brownie points given to you by friends and strangers alike. These are key elements that we suggest thinking over!

So what are these accessories, you may ask?
Anything that compliments your costume.

We teamed up with our Toronto Seduction models and created some fun, simple costume ideas that will make you stand out in any crowd.

Internet Famous Bunny of 2018

Basing this costume off the bunny mask alone, we envisioned fun colourful wigs with a matching lipstick. We wanted to see something different than a complete costume so we decided to use lingerie that could be club appropriate. (Making this a breathable, multi-use costume!)
Add a cute bunny tail, and a solid pair of shoes and you have a stellar, stand out costume! You can even step it up a little further by adding in additional jewelry that compliments the look.

Items used for this photo:
Bodystockings: DG0269 and DG0294 (DreamGirl)
Matte Bunny Mask: LA2628 (Leg Avenue)
Wigs: Rockstar00342 and Rockstar00109
Shoes: DEL1020/B/M (Pleaser USA)
Makeup: NYX Cosmetics

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